Dr Kate Couchman

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert
Hi! I’m Dr Kate, I’ve been in the health industry for over 20 years, as a homeopath, nutritionist, personal trainer and Certified Health Coach.

My Journey

I loved all of my 20 years as a homeopath, nutritionist, personal trainer and still draw on them. However, being a Certified Health Coach I am excited about being able to help people with epilepsy gain control of their debilitating seizures so they can regain their energy, independence and freedom.

I was diagnosed as a 12-year-old, I used to have seizures as soon as I woke up and very sporadically – possibly one a year or every two years and therefore they really didn’t impact my life much, besides a few trips for blood tests and EEG’s. I just thought I always had to live like this.

Then, in 3rd-year university, something changed. It was a stressful year but I thought my nutrition background made me aware of looking after my body so I was confused and frustrated when my seizure pattern changed.

When I spoke to my neuro, she didn’t seem to understand the urgency of needing a solution and so I took it upon myself. I wasn’t prepared to give up or give in.


Not prepared to give up or give in…

I love research and sinking my teeth into proper double-blind, peer-reviewed studies so decided, although I was a vegetarian at the time, that I would try the medical keto diet, despite the fact that very few adults in South Africa had tried it.

I cried throughout my first few meals eating meat but realised I had to put my health first … in fact, that became a reality for me in everything – HEALTH FIRST! Medication wasn’t sufficient to keep me seizure free – I needed to introduce new lifestyle techniques to ensure my health was always a priority.

There have been years of trial and error, but now, it’s crazy to think of all that and how amazing I feel now. I am on a quarter of the meds I was on.

I get up at 4:30 am, do my journaling, teach 3 high-intensity classes before 8 am, and then I start my real job, where I have the honour of helping people to gain control of their seizures!


My Values & Beliefs

Holistic Health

Health encompasses so many elements, including what you eat, your stress levels, confidence, sense of purpose, energy levels, sense of fun, work, weight, health and fitness levels.  I strive to help you gain balance and feel the best you can so you can live your best life.

One step at a time

Often we look too far into the future and feel overwhelmed, but when we know we have a cheerleader to keep us going and all it takes is one step, we realise that our goals are easily achievable.


I don’t support fad diets or anything you don’t feel you cannot maintain! I want you to love your new life and the changes you are making should be exciting and fulfilling.

My Approach

As a certified health coach, I specialise in helping people with epilepsy gain control of their debilitating seizures so they can reclaim their energy, independence and freedom.

As a result, my clients learn how to implement practical, effective and sustainable techniques that work for them in the long term.

Did you know that optimal nutrition is the foundation of stabilising your physiology and unlocking why …


You often feel tired and lethargic

Your memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be

You battle to maintain boundless energy

You lack confidence and long to be free of anxiety

You have blood sugar spikes, which increase your stress levels

Begin your journey today!

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