10 Top-Tips for a Stress-Free Festive Season

The Dec/Jan 2022 edition of The Ballito Magazine is out and has been distributed. Click Here to view this gorgeous edition online! In this issue, you can read and share Kate’s article on how to survive the festive season. It’s that party season again! How can you have a great time without either restricting yourself or […]

BizNews Radio Podcast: Stressed? A personal health coach can help

BizNews Radio Podcast Episode Description Scientists have warned that more of us are feeling stressed, with Covid-19 containment measures wiping out businesses, incomes and forcing big changes to our lifestyles. In this interview, health coach Dr Kate Couchman shares her seven main steps to guiding people out of a stressed state. The KZN practitioner – […]

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching incorporates coaching and mentoring to inspire and assist clients in reaching their health and wellness goals. Health coaching incorporates mentoring – as the Health Coach has specialist knowledge in the specific area in which the client wants to improve (including, but not limited to, health and nutrition). Health coaching helps clients to create […]

Four ways to quit worrying about weight gain over the holiday period

The last thing you want is to feel guilty about your diet over Christmas. Negativity gets you nowhere and can often lead to a bad relationship with food. Keep it realHalf the problem is extreme attitudes to health and fitness: “When it comes to the festive season, a lot of people find themselves polarising their […]