Regain Your E.D.G.E


Four ways to quit worrying about weight gain over the holiday period

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The last thing you want is to feel guilty about your diet over Christmas. Negativity gets you nowhere and can often lead to a bad relationship with food.

Keep it real
Half the problem is extreme attitudes to health and fitness: “When it comes to the festive season, a lot of people find themselves polarising their thoughts on diet and exercise. It’s either, “I have to avoid every temptation to keep my fitness journey on track!” or “I’m going to give up now and pick up again on 2 January!”.

Find your sweet spot – don’t forgo your usual fitness routine or check out of the fun altogether.

Workout and play on the same day
Aim to exercise as often as comfortable – make it work for you! Planning a workout on the same day as an event has the most payoffs, as you’ll feel energised and full of endorphins, plus your metabolism will be firing.

Eat party food when out
Don’t deny yourself treats, but keep festive food for celebrations rather than ambushing your healthy lifestyle for two weeks straight. Fill up on healthy fats and proteins before you go out. Listen to your body and wait until you’re hungry to eat again.

Appreciate alcohol without downing it
Find booze you enjoy and sip it, in a quality-over-quantity manner. Avoid too many sugar-laden mixers, and stay well hydrated with around two litres of water a day.

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