Are you ready
to take Control?

Hello I'm Dr Kate I am a Success and Wellness Coach

I support driven professionals to gain control of their debilitating seizures and regain their EDGE as they manage their stress levels, boost brain function, enjoy energy, independence and confidence.

ARE YOU READY TO Take Control? 

You probably don’t know which way to turn! You have spoken to your Neurologist, got lost in Facebook groups and possibly attempted various different strategies and plans but ultimately nothing seems to work. Everything seems confusing and you’re no better off.

You feel frustrated. You need someone to listen, understand and really ‘get’ you and your health.

With only your specialist guiding you during your short consultations, you feel frustrated as you are desperate for a better life.

You are craving results. You want to rebuild your self confidence and hate feeling anxious about your next seizure. You would love to truly live your life and not have the overwhelm and anxiety that accompany the responsibility of micro-managing your health – not only for your sake – but for all those around you. You’re losing hope that anything will work. You just want to get off the hamster wheel. It’s not finding a new drug. It’s about finding a whole new way to live the life you, and your family, want to!

Do you Feel Like this?

I was working two jobs while studying for a demanding career. Coupled with caring for a sick family member meant that I didn’t have time to prioritise my own health. Trying to be everything to everyone led to exhaustion, poor sleep and excessive stress.

Therefore my health deteriorated and my epilepsy spiralled out of control – from a few seizures a year to up to 100 a day. Brain fog, headaches and memory problems were my constant companions. 

Specialists brushed me aside – apparently not caring. My anxiety skyrocketed as my confidence plummeted. I agonised over my predicament – Googling into the early hours of the morning trying desperately to find solutions while at the same time terrified about my failing performance.

Combining my medical and nutrition knowledge started me on a new journey as I changed my mindset and lifestyle. Now it’s my mission to help people just like you to prevent stress from overwhelming your health so that you have the energy, freedom and confidence you deserve.

WORK WITH ME Why Coaching?

Because the dream of managing our stress and seizures, has for many of us, been long-forgotten, I want to show you it IS possible!

As we continually push ourselves and our daily To-do list seems never-ending, we tend to burn the candles at both ends and don’t have time for so many things we dream of. We find ourselves exhausted yet struggling to sleep, grabbing what we can at meal times – because life is busy!

Coaching together allows us to find the best way forward for YOU. Providing personalised one on one time where we can clarify your goals and use the opportunity to take control of your life, manage it on your terms, overcome obstacles and achieve what your heart desires.

Another key area I focus on is stress management because 90% of seizures are triggered by stress. Throughout our day we have micro stress doses (traffic jams, finances, notifications, personality clashes, deadlines, tiredness etc) which contribute towards our stress threshold. I help you identify these micro stresses, calm your nervous system and therefore you don’t have to operate from a position of fight and flight as often anymore.

Book your complimentary consultation for tips, facts and inspiration to focus you on your success journey, and learn how I can support you

After being in the health industry for over 25 years, I have seen that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach for long-term success.

I take a stand in empowering you to make sustainable changes and I want you to really step into the new you! I want to help you create the change that you’ve been wanting and trying to create for a very long time.
I know that if we work together for a few months, it’s going to give you a new strategy and maintain a new way to think.
I’m not about tactics – I’m about the transformation so that you truly can feel amazing!

Together we can work to reclaim your vision of what a healthy future could be without being overwhelming.
We will decrease your body’s heightened stress response so you can increase your resilience and decrease seizure activity.

We will grow your knowledge of nutritious foods to stabilise your blood sugars, allowing you to feel energised and your brain function to improve.