Are you tired
of feeling Stuck?

Are you tired of feeling STUCK?

Time and again, I hear how frustrated ladies are because epilepsy is controlling their lives, causing them unnecessary stress and anxiety. It feels lonely, difficult and almost impossible. You find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster.

It doesn’t have be like that.

As a driven professional, you want to take back control. You are passionate and don’t want to be confined by the limitations of epilepsy anymore. You want to enjoy the energy, freedom and independence to do what you love without any restrictions. You want to enjoy clear brain functioning and great self confidence. My programs will help you.

Implementing Strategies

I take a stand in helping you implement strategies that will create sustainable changes. Unlike other practitioners, I go beyond the Band-aid approach and truly listen to you, carving out a personalised natural way to control your seizures, increase your brain function and improve your energy, independence and freedom to allow you to live life on your terms.

LIFESTYLE: Here we look into factors (food, sleep & movement) which may impact your seizure triggers and will increase your energy.

  • We will look at the food you eat, optimal sleep patterns and movement based on you, your circumstances and current stress levels

STRESS MANAGEMENT: We want you to feel in control and decrease anxiety

  • Quick-fix solutions to decrease stress levels (so you minimise fight / flight and clear stress quickly)as well as long term, sustainable solutions
  • Effective techniques to improve brain function, memory and create healthy habits so you’re in control.

LIFE ATTITUDE: We start with awareness

  • By implementing small steps, we create the mindset, attitude and motivation, in order
    to improve your self confidence and independence.
  • Thoughts create feelings which impact our actions and harness our will power, self-
    talk, thoughts and motivation to achieve the results we crave.

BRAIN PERFORMANCE AND MEMORY: Your brain is the most powerful technology in
the world – and now we are going to unlock your potential!

  • Eliminate mental fog, sharpen your focus and improve your memory

Working Together

In my experience, working together for a period of time is what brings about long-lasting change. The key is to have the right support, accountability and flexibility so that your programme fits your needs and your budget.

In my experience of working with driven professionals, I can confidently say that stress underlies most seizures. After more than 25 years in business, I finally found a way to make lasting changes in my clients’ lives. Working closely together, I help you Regain your EDGE which will alter the trajectory of your life to new heights. I help identify triggers, manage micro stresses, improve brain function and calm the nervous system whilst increasing your energy levels.

Opt for any of my three success programmes and we will:

  • Help you regain control of your debilitating seizures.
  • Enhance your resilience and mental clarity.
  • Allow you the freedom you have dreamt of.
  • Release the guilt and frustration of feeling trapped by an invisible illness.
  • Restore your health – both now and in the future.

Dr Kate Health Coaching Success & Wellness Transformation Programmes

Take a look below and choose the path that is right for you.

The Foundations Programme

The Foundations Programme

4-Week Coaching Programme

This intensive 4-week coaching programme is designed to help you identify and break free from the real reasons behind your perpetuating stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

During this 4-week intensive, we lay the foundations for your transformation and focus on one area of your life that requires a jumpstart to feel amazing again so you have the energy and focus to move forward.

We understand that 90% of seizures are caused by stress so laying the foundations is a brilliant place to start. You have renewed focus and clarity with a simple action plan to move you forward so your stress no longer holds you back.

Signature Programme

Structure and Solutions

You are ready for change and this comprehensive 3 month programme will move you forwards, gain some headspace and overcome the obstacles in your path. We will take an in-depth look at how stress impacts you personally, and how to manage it, giving you quick solutions as well as long term, sustainable answers whilst working on your brain function and memory.

We will implement proven lifestyle solutions, designed for you, to improve your health and your anxiety therefore decreasing your seizure activity.

Finally we will build your confidence and allow you to feel more independent as you gain control of your stress and seizures.

You need structure and solutions to help you succeed. You are ready to invest in yourself and your health and to be empowered for the future.


VIP Programme

VIP Programme

Bespoke Guidance & Support

This is an add-on to the signature programme and gives you more support and access to me. It is tailored to fit around your needs and life. 

If you are time-poor, overwhelmed, concerned for your health and need more support as an option then this is perfect for you.

You need specialist information, guidance and support that is chunked down in regular short bursts.

You want reminders to keep you on track, and quick access to tailored advice when you need it.

You understand that gaining control of your health is what leads you to your freedom and you want to live an independent  life you love.

You know you need this now, that the benefits will be lifelong, and that this will be the best investment you ever make.