“I am a workaholic – always running around and I felt stressed and as if I had no down time, or me-time.”

I tried to get into an exercise routine (especially with Covid)
Working with Kate was like a breath of fresh air! She really assisted me in my “reset” process – to reset my goals, reset my unhealthy habits and reset my priorities.
This has resulted in me being sooooooo less stressed.

“I started to use affirmation cards to re-ignite and keep my mind thinking positively. I unlearned bad daily self sabotaging habits.
IF anyone is thinking of working with Kate as a health coach, I would recommend it. You will definitely get results.

You should just be open to adapting and changing, as well as doing some “homework” Kate kept me accountable and really cares for her clients, which was evident throughout our time sessions and thereafter.
Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, encouragement and energy, Kate. Loved every minute of our sessions and homework thereafter!” – Latascha

“Before I worked with Kate I felt trapped and completely overwhelmed in my circumstances. Being coached by Kate was … incredible! I feel the confidence coming back. I learnt how to exercise my disappointments and sadness in a better manner as I learnt to stand up for myself and find the real me once again. I found a coach that has certainly impacted me in a different way . Once again, THANK YOU KATE. I am so grateful for what u have done for me .
I’m in slow tears as I write because I’m feeling so much better.” – Shameen

“Lockdown and poor health proved to be a lethal combination. My normally high spirits and positive attitude were at an all-time low and I felt like I’d fallen into a rut. Enter Kate in her shining Health Coach armour wielding a magic wand and slowly but surely I began to feel like my old self again. Weekly sessions held me accountable for goals that we set, achievements were celebrated and we found ways to tackle the tougher tasks. Each week I felt motivated to achieve what I set out to and was eager to share my successes with Kate – I knew she would be proud even if I hadn’t managed to achieve everything. This journey has helped me realise that your state of mind has a direct impact on your physical health. Working with someone like Kate should be seen as an investment in your overall wellbeing and I would highly recommend the experience – Nandi Canning

“My main goals when I started with Kate was to establish a healthy eating lifestyle/routine, as well as continue with a manageable exercise plan.
The healthy eating plan has been easy to follow, as Kate patiently answered my many questions and I now feel happy that I am making better and healthier food choices. My new favourite is a green smoothie with delicious spinach, cucumber, celery and apple! My exercise routine is also going well.”I may even be enjoying my weekly runs and other activities thanks to her encouragement and support!
The most significant change though has been improved self-esteem. Kate is very engaging and motivating and she enabled me to see myself in a new light, boosting my confidence.
Her bubbly personality and passion for what she does are very inspiring!”- Candy

“Before I started working with Kate, I was very much still trying to find my way and understand some concepts of strength, gaining muscle and good nutrition. I suppose I was a little bit lost. Kate was able to offer relevant knowledge at the right time and support my journey, which resulted in me being more confident when going to the gym and preparing my meals. I enjoyed working with Kate very much as it was very relaxed and informative. I looked forward to our interactions as Kate always had so much to offer and there was never any pressure. I now feel far more confident since working with Kate and am very much more aware of what I eat and am conscious of the effects of what I have eaten have on my body – so now I am far more aware of what effects nutrients and exercise have on me and my body so I can reach my goals better. I would definitely recommend people to work with Kate, especially if they want to make progress without any pressure and at a great pace!”- Sandra

“Kate was patient and understanding in helping me reach my goals. She let me work at my pace and made suggestions based on what suited me and my life at the moment, making it so much easier to stick to.

The most powerful takeaway from this experience has been the revelation of “What would it look like if you don’t make these changes?”. That for me was a gamechanger. Thank you Kate for your patience and guidance in this process.”- Natasha

“Life was more than hectic at the beginning with the universe sending many changes and challenges my way. I was overwhelmed by everything that was taking place and the most important thing that I learnt from Kate was to take things one day at a time, put in place good habits and communicate better both in my professional and personal life. Kate’s empathy, kindness, patience and caring together with her professionalism makes her both a health and life coach rolled up into one.”- Keeran

“‘Thank you’ doesn’t adequately express my gratitude to Kate for the amazing improvement in my overall wellbeing after starting this journey with her.

Kate listened and took my individual needs and health issues into account. As a result, my mindset has become more positive regarding my fitness and health. What an Awesome coach.” – Jenny Christie

“During my conversations with Kate, I explained how I had put on 10kgs that year. I was worn out, had no energy and had absolutely no motivation or drive to do anything. I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, heartbroken, depressed and desperate for something to change in my life. I had no idea who I was.

Kate was kind to me. She was calm and reassuring. I expected it to be all about my exercise and food, yet we went deeper, into me. Her non-judgemental character certainly gave me the will to try again. Kate provided a safe, caring and confidential environment for me to open up. I’ve learned about healthy routines and making better choices.

Kate taught me that before anything, the most important thing in your life is YOU and you deserve to find JOY and be happy from the core. That emotional and mental health is just as important as physical health. She educated me on foods, health and wellness.

Kate, thank you for your support this far and for helping me clarify what my ideal life is and the lifestyle my family and I deserve and crave.”- Debbie

“My life before I met Kate was slightly directionless. Although I had a long list of goals I wanted to achieve in my life, Kate brought to light how I could take small consistent steps to achieve these goals. All the real-life situations and the big dreams became achievable. I learnt things about myself that I didn’t know before, I began exercising for the first time in my life. I started eating more consistently and how to manage work-related stress.

Kate is kind, compassionate and non-judgmental which made opening up to her a breeze. I really felt heard and thought of during our sessions. The weekly goals we would set together were achievable and I always felt like she was cheering me on.

Everyone should have a health and life coach, it’s a wonderful tool to improving the quality of your life and a great reminder to yourself that you really can achieve whatever you set your mind to. – Kara

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